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Rima then started leading fitness classes, and was able to offer them out of the Steps Dance Academy studio ”It was a really natural pairing and it really worked out great for both of us,” she said of teaching fitness at the studio. “I love fitness just as much as I love ballooning and art,” Rima said. She moved to Seward with her boyfriend at the end of June so they could further their education. However, she’s still running her balloon business from home, as she has been doing it for nearly 14 years now. Rima said she’s still finding a way to get back into teaching fitness. “Fitness, I do it because my main client is going to be a woman and I think that so many times in life, women are mean to each other and also really hard on themselves.” she said. “The support and culture that it brings Static Contraction Training for Soccer out within people, they become a better product. They’re better people in general because they feel better about themselves.” Rima puts in a lot of work with both passions. Everything she does with balloons is made by hand, so certain projects could take several hours to plan out and complete. She travels across the state for fairs and other events, but said she enjoys doing pre-orders and delivering the balloons most. She loves seeing the happiness on Isometric Exercises people’s faces when she delivers the balloon creations.

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